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Letters of Ulysses S. Grant to His Father and His Youngest Sister gives an interesting perspective into the mind of one of the great leaders of the United States and his perspective on major historical events. The letters begin in his childhood and are written to family members and friends. This book is an excellent companion work for Grants Memoirs and biographies on Grant.

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[In 1843, at the age of twenty-­one, Ulysses S. Grant was graduated
from West Point with the rank of brevet second lieutenant. He was
appointed to the 4th Infantry, stationed at Jefferson Barracks near
St. Louis. In May, 1844, he was ordered to the frontier of Louisiana
with the army of observation, while the annexation of Texas was
pending. The bill for the annexation of Texas was passed March 1,
1845; the war with Mexico began in April, 1846. Grant was promoted to
a first-­lieutenancy September, 1847. The Mexican War closed in 1848.
Both this war and the Civil War he characterizes in his _­Memoirs_ as

Soon after his return from Mexico he was married to Julia Dent. The
next six years were spent in military duty in Sacketts Harbor, New
York, Detroit, Michigan, and on the Pacific coast. He was promoted to
the captaincy of a company in 1853; but because of the inadequacy of a
captain's pay, he resigned from the army, July, 1854, and rejoined his
wife and children at St. . . .

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