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From the Introduction Called the Devils music, the stories of the blues goes beyond jump turns, slow drag ditties, reel, jigs, minstrel songs, ragtime, or the buzzard lope. These lyrics connected to these stories celebrate heartache, separation, distrust, betrayal, lust, but they promise a healing love of revival and renewal. These selected stories, contemporary retellings of some of the most familiar blues themes, are inspired from the recorded gems of the Delta blues, Chicago blues, Memphis blues and Texas blues. The themes cover every facet of sexual abandon, betrayal, and obsession the virile man, the willing woman, and the needs, impulses, cravings and urges of the sensual mating dance. These tales of sex and sensuality mirror the power and sweep of the blues. They say we are people who are constantly under the influence of our urges, needs, impulses and desires.

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