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Captured, stripped bare, and brought before the barbarian king whose men she had the audacity to resist, eighteen-­year-­old Sariah can only assume she will be made his slave. But her conqueror has other plans for his beautiful, spirited captive, and Sariah will be much more than an ordinary slave. She will be his pet, trained to come when he calls, heed his every command, and please him in any way he demands.­Sariah does her best to remain proud and defiant, but the handsome, dominant warrior proves quite adept at teaching his pet obedience by means of his firm hand applied to her bare bottom. When she persists in her rebelliousness, Sariah quickly discovers that a mere spanking is far from the most humiliating punishment a naughty pet can face, and before long she has been fitted with a tail and put on display for the king and his men.­To her surprise, however, in spite of her circumstances Sariah soon finds herself craving her new master’s touch, and when he claims her fully his . . .

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When nineteen-­year-­old Sophie is charged with inciting revolution in the lower echelons of society, she quickly learns that her position as one of the high-­born will not save her from the consequences of her defiance. She is sentenced to corrective treatment and taken into the custody of a stern yet handsome doctor named Richard who will carry out the order of the court.
Sophie is stripped bare for an intimate, embarrassing examination, and her body’s shameful response to this humiliating inspection makes it clear to Richard that his firm hand applied to her bare bottom will need to play a major role in her treatment. Sophie’s correction will involve much more than just a sore backside, however, and she soon discovers that being brought to one blushing climax after another can be a punishment as effective as any spanking.
Though he is expected to chastise her as thoroughly as is necessary to teach her obedience, Richard soon finds himself longing to take Sophie in his arms, and . . .

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Twenty-­four-­year-­old Faith Rockford has been fending for herself for as long as she can remember, but when she steals an extremely advanced artificial intelligence chip and attempts to sell it to gangsters things go wrong and she ends up barely escaping with her life.
When a strange man named Serkan saves her from capture and heals her injuries, she isn’t sure whether to believe him when he tells her he’s an alien physician, and that he’s been traveling the galaxy and monitoring developing planets, but one look at his ship proves he is not from Earth.
She soon learns that this huge, handsome man with silver eyes has rescued her despite the rules of his people against intervening or tampering with the inhabitants of the planets they study. As they journey to his home planet together, Faith finds herself falling in love with the alien doctor, but when they arrive on his world, will his people be willing to accept her presence there?

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trained as a fighter pilot to do her part in the ongoing war between humans and
dragons, Aria Thomas-­Jones never expected to fall in love with one of the
enemy. But everything changes when she meets Vyktor, a powerful dragon general whose
human form she finds quite appealing.

Vyktor’s story provides Aria with a new understanding of the conflict, and
armed with that knowledge she becomes determined to help bring about an end to
the hostilities. But can she find a way to convince the warring species that
they can coexist before any more lives are lost?

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by a neglectful master, Sierra dreams of the freedom she had in the wilds, far
from the city-­dwellers who use women with wild genes as hunting pets. When her
inept owner tires of her biting him, he brings her to Master Kade, a specialist
trainer. Upon seeing her pitiful state, Kade confiscates Sierra from the fool
who mistreated her and takes her as his own.

the moment Sierra lays eyes on Kade, she’s sure of two things: the muscular,
scarred man carries the same wild gene she does, and just as importantly, he is
used to getting his way. Sierra has no intention of being trained without a
fight, but she soon learns that her new master is more than ready to make her
obey, even if that means a hard spanking on her bare bottom. As much as she
resists him, Kade quickly proves he can be gentle as well as firm. Being in his
arms makes Sierra feel safe, and when he takes her to his bed she finds herself
satisfied in a way she has never felt before.

training reaches a new . . .

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Lord Kyren Cirrus has spent years collecting unique and interesting creatures from across the galaxy, but the moment twenty-­year-­old Tara Dyrek is delivered to him he knows she will not be just another specimen to study. This beautiful, feisty little human will be much more than that. She will be his pet.
Tara is none too pleased to have been captured, caged like an animal, and taken to a far-­off world, but her protests are ignored and soon enough she is blushing crimson as she is thoroughly and intimately examined, then brought to a shameful climax by Kyren's skillful ministrations.
Her new master makes it clear that he will expect obedience from his pet, and when she attempts an escape he quickly proves more than willing to bare her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking. The strict punishment leaves Tara burning with need, and Kyren wastes no time in claiming her and mastering her body completely.
It isn't long before Tara begins to enjoy her new life, but when she . . .

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Ace is new to the kink scene, but already she's made quite a reputation for herself. Unlike other submissives who'll do anything to please tops, Ace is argumentative, obstreperous and an all round pain in the ass. At the rate she spurns tops, hell will freeze over before she gets the spanking she's secretly been craving for years. When she meets Blake, a top who sees right through her 'out of control' act, Ace is forced to swallow her pride and learn that there's more to getting the spanking she needs than simply aspiring to be the worst brat that ever lived.

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is sick and tired of working both day and night shifts at her nursing job in
order to keep up with not only her own bills, but those of her wildly
irresponsible little brother as well. To make matters worse, when she has the
opportunity to interview with the tall, handsome new surgeon at St. Heaths, Dr.
Kirk Saunders, she is so stressed that she ends up treating him

that she has blown her opportunity, Tessa is shocked when the doctor escorts
her into his private office, bares her bottom, and gives her the first spanking
of her life. During the painful, embarrassing punishment, Kirk informs her that
if she is going to work under him, her insubordinate attitude isn’t going to be
tolerated and she will be expected to submit to his guidance, control, and

doctor’s firm hand and stern chastisement satisfy a deeply buried need that
Tessa has long sought to hide even from herself, and before she knows it she is
agreeing not only to work . . .

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"For want of a flame retardant tissue, the battle was lost.­" Caught halfway between angel and dragon, pretty blonde haired, pink eyed, fire breathing Kaida has a knack for making most of the damned inhabitants of Hades look like model citizens. Whether she's committing accidental acts of arson or taunting furious dragons, she lives a life of near constant rebellion. Kaida is well on the way to an early grave when she is thrust into the arms of Edwin, an angel who has braved the very fires of hell to claim her as his own. Edwin is confident he can subdue Kaida to the useful and the good, but can Kaida learn to behave before she gets herself dead Or will the Elysian Fields themselves go up in flames before she submits

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Twenty-­one-­year-­old graduate student Kate Ferrier has been obsessed with dragons since the end of the war three years ago, but when she manages to construct a portal and enter the dragon realm she quickly ends up as a prisoner of the dragon shifter Vilka.
After her attempt to escape awakens an ancient beast of immense power which threatens both Earth and the dragon realm, Kate and Vilka are left with no choice but to join forces. As they work together, the beautiful scientist and the mighty dragon lord find themselves falling in love with one another, but can they find a way to stop the terrifying creature before it wreaks unimaginable destruction on both of their worlds?

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