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Lily Brannigan is fed up with running a seedy bar just
to make ends meet while trying to ignore the smuggling ring her criminal family
runs out of her place of business, but she’s no snitch, and when detective
Gareth Knight shows up and starts asking questions, he gets no answers. Cop or
not, though, Gareth is strong, handsome, and bossy in a way that makes her
melt, and it isn't long before Lily gives in to her body's demands.

Gareth is not a man to be trifled with, and he
informs Lily in no uncertain terms that he intends to be around until this case
is over. He’ll be making sure she takes care of herself—something Lily hasn’t
been doing for years—and when her behavior puts her safety at risk, he has no
qualms about taking her over his knee, baring her bottom, and spanking her long
and hard.


The walls around Lily’s heart begin to crack as
Gareth’s attention and care make her feel loved for the first time in ages. His
skilled, dominant love-­making leaves her begging for . . .

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a tornado tears through her neighborhood in the middle of the night, twenty-­one-­year-­old
Sarah Simmons is determined to gather up her most precious belongings before
leaving her badly damaged home. But the huge, handsome firefighter who arrives
to rescue her makes it clear that the house could collapse at any moment, and
when Sarah refuses to do as she is told he merely tosses her over his shoulder
and carries her to a waiting ambulance himself.

Sarah is perhaps the most stubborn woman he has ever met—let alone pulled from
the ruins of a building—John Ford knows right away that there is something
special about her. He checks on her at the local hospital later that night, and
after seeing the miserable, lonely look on her face, he does his best to
comfort her. When she insists on trying to leave without the doctor’s
permission, however, he decides that enough is enough and spanks her bare
bottom thoroughly.

discovering that Sarah is an orphan with nowhere to go . . .

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When frustrated scholar Katherine Weaver takes a walk in the countryside and happens upon what she thinks is a friendly gathering of gypsies, she gets a great deal more than she bargained for. Notorious outlaw Idric takes an instant fancy to the naive young woman who firmly believes that all problems can be solved with logic and seems utterly unaware of anything below her neckline " or the effect it has on the opposite sex. Katherine is a young woman who desperately needs to be taken in hand before she hurts herself, and he's just the man to do it.

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Sisters Mardoll and Adele Minke are two wild wenches on a lawless mission, but they're about to come up against some seriously stiff resistance in the form of Frederich and Seph Hanz, a pair of bounty hunting brothers with a reputation for getting their woman. With the Hanz brothers on the case, a high stakes game of cat and mouse ensues, but it soon turns out that the brothers may not be prepared to deal with two very different, but equally spirited sisters. When it comes to the Minkes, capturing them is the easy part subduing the wicked sisters is another matter altogether.

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Nineteen-­year-­old orphan Brianna Packard learned quite a bit about getting out of tough situations over many years spent fending for herself, but nothing could have prepared her for the moment she is grabbed off the street by two powerful dragon shifters intent on bringing her back to their world, training her as a pet, and then selling her to the highest bidder.
Though Valkimer and Chak expected that taming a human female would be a simple task, Brianna turns out to be as clever as she is beautiful, and when she escapes it is no small feat to recapture her. Determined to master their feisty little captive, they waste no time in stripping her bare and spanking her soundly, but that is only the beginning of her punishment.
When she continues to defy her new owners, Brianna soon finds herself bound and on display, with her bottom on fire both inside and out and her naked body teased until she is quivering with helpless, desperate desire. By the time her captors are convinced she . . .

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Anita and Georgia are a normal couple if you don’t count the cane in the corner and the potions in the basement. Anita is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and fancies herself quite the powerful witch. She’d rule the world, if only her strict (and completely non magical) girlfriend Georgia would let her.

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Kirk 'Ender' Brentwood is a hard man bound for a short life and an eternity in hell until the fates cross his path with that of Evelyn Day, the innocent young daughter of a merchant run afoul of the Russian Mob. Spirited, idealistic and beautiful, Evelyn is everything that Kirk is not. When her father seeks to trade his daughter for a sizable debt, Kirk's decision to protect Evelyn means that he stands to lose everything. If that weren't bad enough, his attempts to keep her safe aren't helped by the headstrong antics that inevitably lead her into danger. He's going to have to find a way to make her obey him before she gets them both killed. Fortunately he has a few tricks up his sleeve – and over his lap.

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'Did she know how much she looked like a little girl when she pouted like that? Mackenzie thought probably not as she watched the woman rifling through her handbag crossly. She was wearing a stiff, starched white shirt with a tie that made her look somewhere between the school girl she most definitely wasn’t, and the executive Mackenzie guessed she probably was.­' Stephanie is a soon-­to-­be out of work journalist close to a meltdown of major misbehavior. Mackenzie is a strict lawyer with a penchant for rescuing damsels in distress. When the two meet, sparks fly. Can Mackenzie curb Stephanie’s bratty ways? And more importantly, can she mend a brat’s broken heart?­ReviewLoki Renard writes a very particular kind of fiction. If the word 'spanking' doesn't send a shiver down your spine and start you squirming where you sit, these books may seem strange and incomprehensible to you. If, on the other hand, the image of a sorry miscreant being put over a lover's lap for a good sound spanking . . .

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When runaway heiress Fiona Fayrefield hires bodyguard
Harris Kingsley to protect her from her meddlesome father, Harris decides that his
job includes putting the spoiled twenty-­four-­year-­old brat over his knee for a long,
hard spanking when he feels it necessary. For the first time in her life, Fiona
discovers that doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants, is no longer an

After her father sends ex-­military bounty hunter Tom
Waters to bring her home, events take an unexpected turn and the two men soon join
forces to protect Fiona, to tame her rebellious ways, and to bring her more
pleasure than she ever imagined possible. But when they learn that she has more
skeletons in her closet than they were counting on, will her fortune come between
Fiona and the loves of her life?

Note: The Brat, the Bodyguard, and the
Bounty Hunter is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual
scenes including threesomes, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. . . .

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Welcome to Lesbia! A world where warriors trade in flesh, witches are hunted by a hostile Imperial regime and goddesses knit. This is a land of magic, mystery, and matriarchy. Here, women rule with firm hands. Those who trespass against others are likely to be swiftly smacked to their senses, especially if there happens to be a witch about.­Our story begins with Atrocious Lex, a plucky peasant with aspirations to a life of crime. Her plans are cut short when, in the course of casing a forest home, she meets a witch named Ayla who claims to be three thousand years old.­Ayla is beautiful.
Ayla is seductive.
Ayla kidnaps Atrocious.­What Ayla doesn't know is that Atrocious is not just another pretty face. Atrocious is trouble – more trouble than one witch can handle, possibly more trouble than even a goddess can bear.­Come join Ayla, Atrocious, and a whole band of sapphic miscreants on an adventure to the very end of Lesbia.

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Iskendar is a harsh land, especially for rebellious young women who refuse to quietly accept their place in the world. When rough urchin Kai and cosseted Priestess-­to-­be Lucy meet in the midst of their own personal rebellions, worlds collide. REBEL PRINCESS is a 20,­000 word erotic novella, the first in the Iskendari Rebels series. It contains both M/F and F/F sexual content.

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Twenty-­one-­year-­old actress Chloe Smyth was well on her way to being America's next sweetheart, but then a very public, very drunk rant about some of the most important people in Hollywood left her reputation in shambles and her star power all but gone.
Desperate to get her career back on track, Chloe accepts a role in a ground-­breaking film chronicling the heroics of Paul Reynolds, a stern, handsome military doctor who kept a young nurse safe while caught behind enemy lines, but it isn't long before she regrets her failure to read the script--­or even the contract itself--­before she signs on to the project.
To her shock, Chloe quickly discovers that she will be required to live as her character did for several weeks of realistic training, including sleeping in a tent at night and hiking long distances each day. Most out of the ordinary of all, though, is her co-­star. Rather than a pampered actor playing the male lead, it will be Paul himself, the very man who inspired the film, . . .

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