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Reed's past won't stay in the past, but add a smart-­mouthed teenager and a sexy, hot court appointed mentor, and he'll need more than luck to find his happily ever after. Reagan Hilt is down on her luck after a recent breakup that leaves her with an expensive wedding to pay for that never even happened. Not to mention she already has two sisters meddling in her business and a sleazy landlord knocking on her door. The last thing Reagan needs is a hot guy sniffing around who may or may not be the father of the teen girl she’s been court appointed to mentor. He should have been off-­limits, and would have been if he didn’t blow her world away with every one of his kisses. Reed Morely’s daughter was just dropped in his lap after his piece-­of-­work ex-­wife kept her from him for years. She’s no longer daddy’s little girl but a nose-­pierced, smart-­mouthed teenager. Being a father is suddenly a full-­time job and trying to make up for lost time has Reed attempting to keep his hands off his . . .

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Reflections such as these are subtly collected in this book and placed in the light of her own reflections by Luz María Londoño. With secret, fascinated delight, she has journeyed through the vast garden of universal literature, selecting the most memorable thoughts on life and death and that forcible interval called old age, which have thrived from Seneca to the present day.
Those of us who have reached the threshold of seventy or eighty years of age cannot remain indifferent to all the memories stirred by these pages. “We all want to live to old age and we all deny that we have done so”, wrote Quevedo. And, centuries later, Trotsky echoed these words in a similar reflection: “To age is the most unexpected of all the things that happen to man”. Very true. Old age is similar to twilight: it suddenly, briefly and intensely lights up the high points of our lives like an announcement and a preamble to night.

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