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The aim of the Author in writing this book has been to present in as comprehensive a manner as may be within the limits of a single volume the history and development of the lathe from early times to the present day; to briefly discuss its effects upon manufacturing interests; to describe its practical use on various classes of work; and to compare in a representative, theoretical, and practical manner theM odern American Lathes as now built in this country. In carrying out these aims the early history of the lathe is traced from its crude beginning up to the time when the footpower lathe was the sole reliance of the early mechanic. Then the early history of the development of the screw-­cutting or engine lathe is taken up and carried on to the middle of the last century. This is done to put the student and the younger mechanic in possession of the facts in relation to the origin and development of the lathe up to within the memory of many of the older mechanics of the present . . .

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