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Meet Keaton Dumas, young, successful, and bitterly withdrawn. At age 25 Keaton was crowned 2011 Top Fortune 500 Entrepreneur. The founder and genius developer of the new global sensation gaming console Life Ever After. His success has transformed the lives of himself and the people that cared for and about him during his troubling youth. None of it matters. Why Because Keaton Dumas, was never supposed to be this guy. Now a recluse, his brilliant gaming programs intrigues a world who clamors to know more about him. Keaton's story of growth and change begins the Summer of 2005. A young man's wanderlust and personal issues at the tender age of nineteen puts him in the path of an elusive beauty four years his senior. Her name is Lea Richard's and she is the carbon copy of desire turned obsession that once landed him in jail facing stalking charges. At first his attraction is based on lust, and Keaton knows it. He struggles with the not so subtle comparisons Lea's beauty evokes . . .

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