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Ever do anything in college or university that was considered outrageous by your friends Maybe you engaged in spontaneous, steamy sex with a godlike classmate youd lusted after all year... Or found that one of your Professors best classes the most memorable was hands on tutelage of the sexual kind... Or perhaps you joined your roommate in a special brand of her own kink, had a girl on girl experience, or both at the same time... Campus Sexploits Deux is the second book in a series of anthologies all about the fantasy fun days of youth. Four naughty collegeuniversity themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses while giving readers a little taste of the wickedly erotic worlds these four fantastic authors can weave. Worlds of incredible earthshattering sexual freedom involving college or university students and the sexual antics they participate in. Worlds you can just feel yourself fall into...

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