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This title is only available as a
loose-­leaf version with Pearson eText.
Applying Educational Research focuses
on relating research to practice, helping educators see the
relevance of research to their daily work. This goal of
making research relevant is accomplished by focusing on current
“problems of practice.­” Each chapter highlights a set
of important issues for teachers, students, and
schools—-­issues like teacher evaluation, the effectiveness of
close-­reading strategies, and the use of
computer-­supported instruction. The research examples and
articles in the chapter then address these issues, providing
students a meaningful context for the information they are learning
about research methods. Through this approach, students learn about
the research process and current research on topics that directly
impact practice.
From reviews of the text:
The writing style of the textbook is
excellent . . . . Writing clarity for content builds from one
paragraph to another. . . . The . . .

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