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A collection of five festive erotic stories with mixed and varied themes. Filling her Stockings " Elizabeth Coldwell When her boss Mickey persuades Ellie to dress up in skimpy panties and stockings to pull in the Christmas punters, she is fuming. But what's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander, and Ellie shows Mickey who's in charge with some costuming of her own... or has she just fallen further into Mickey's trap The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come " Mimi Elise Zara hasn't got time for Christmas parties; she's too busy working. That is, until the ghost of her old friend Pattie comes back to remind her what lies in her past... and what might lie in her present, if she could only let go of her inhibitions. Christmas Comes But Once A Year " Jodie JohnsonSmith Father Christmas is supposed to be an old bloke with a beard, right, who brings presents to kids That's the story Holly knows, anyway. But when FC turns out to be a hot guy with a different sort of present for . . .

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