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On the run from her abusive husband Catherine has learned not to trust anyone"especially no one in the BDSM lifestyle. But will she be able to resist a powerful dom like Jon Catherine has been on the run from her abusive husband and former dom for years. Unable to trust anyone, she has also left the BDSM lifestyle. Or so she thought, until a strange but powerful voice told her to get naked and kneel right there, in the middle of her office, after hours. Will she give in to her sweet urges and submit to a strange dom if only for one night Can she trust her own instincts, which had let her into a disastrous marriage Jon has been a dom for years, but recently he has become bored with the lifestyle"until he sees Catherine kneeling in her office stark naked and in a beautifully submissive position. Jon knows he has to have her. Can he convince the gorgeous submissive to trust him And will he be able to keep her safe from the demons in her past

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