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A collection of five erotic spanking stories. Customer Service by Jade Taylor Gemma is the successful manager of a topclass hotel, but business is business when the hotel owner sends her to apologise to a key, corporate client concerning a booking oversight. The head of Toshikoe Enterprises is not quite what Gemma expected, but he is determined that she make amends for her hotels mistake and demands immediate compensation. Only for Gemma his requests for redress bring more than just a flush to her cheek. Grip by Sommer Marsden When Annalee comes home with a new haircut, her husband Jacob is far from happy. Is she concerned No. Its her hair and her decision. Shes in charge, or is she Their evening out with her husbands boss leads Jacob to regard her hairstyle in a different light. Her new look begins to weave its magic on her husband. Deep, dark desires are stirred that begin to herald the animal within. Master, Come For Me Again by Kitti Bernetti Nineteenth century England is a . . .

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