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Find adventure and passion at every turn. Now you can travel from one exotic and erotic locale to another with The Erotic Expeditions - Complete Collection, which includes all five Erotic Expedition Novellas (adults only please).

Arctic Exposure - To the rest of the world, photojournalist Emily DuBois is the girl who has it all: beauty, talent, and the ultimate, adventure dream job. But her talent with the camera masks a dark secret. When she arrives in Alaska on assignment, that secret is buried so deep, not even Emily knows it. Although the majestic Arctic makes for the most photogenic assignment of the year, Emily finds herself taking more photos of her survival guide than the igloo he's building. Unfortunately, photos of Austin are as far as Emily can go. Even if it weren't for her past, Emily knows that a younger man should be off limits. After a near fatal accident changes everything and a sudden whiteout engulfs them, the igloo becomes their refuge and their rescue–in . . .

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When snowboard designer Sean Hughes sees Zoe Flynn hitchhiking at the bottom of Mount Hood he recognizes a free spirit--­much like himself!

They hit it off, and Zoe ends up agreeing to pose as Sean's girlfriend at his family's Thanksgiving. But following an accident and a misunderstanding they're soon stuck with each other for the Christmas holidays!

Zoe's girl-­next-­door looks make Sean wish their charade was a romantic reality, but Zoe is hiding something...­and he has until the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve to discover her secret!

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Enter a magical world full of friendship and fun!

It's time for best friends Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine to return to the Secret Kingdom and head to the frosty slopes of Magic Mountain! Can they find Queen Malice's fifth enchanted thunderbolt and stop the brownies from turning into icicles?

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