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College student Sabrina Sterling has a sexy stalker. He follows her everywhere, watching her movements, but never gets too close. Shes scared but also inexplicably attracted to this brooding, mysterious man. Crane Ellis has a dark secret. Far from being an unassuming college student, hes actually a vampire. When he meets Sabrina Sterling, he hungers for her night and day, knowing he can never have her. When tragedy strikes, Crane decides there is nothing holding him back from his carnal hunger and he makes his move. He takes her against her will deep into the woods one moonlit night to have his way with her. Will she give into her deepest darkest desires, or will she resist This highly erotic 5000 word short story builds up to a climactic sex scene you wont forget It includes a sexy brooding vampire, hot humanvampire sex, blood sucking and more.

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