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Max West is a widower raising Phoebe, his fouryearold daughter. Phoebe has to live with the fact that the day she was born is also the day of her mother's death. As her fifth year without her mother approaches, Phoebe finds solace in her godmother, Amy Riley, and her daughter, Grace Crawford, another single parent family. Amy Riley is a successful fashion designer who spends most of her days raising her fouryearold daughter, Grace, while her wayward boyfriend is travelling the world making the next best film. As the fifth year without her best friend looms she finds comfort in her exboyfriend, Max, and his daughter, Phoebe. These two broken families have a tough week to face as the dreaded day approaches. However through their past, present and debatable future will their choices affect the outcome both parents clearly want and are simply denying Or will Phoebe and Grace lose the only whole family they have ever known

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She buys a new dress every two years. The days are never the same, there's no pattern or plan, but every two years she buys herself a brand new dress and puts it on with a smile on her face. *This story is a bittersweet tale by Naya whose book Familiar Ties continues to warm hearts with its tale of forging a family.­*

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