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After three months in Greece, Jenelle is home for the holidays and spending New Year's Eve with the one person she wants to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. She's been pining after Darren for two years, and she's ready for him to know how she feels. A hot midnight kiss is sure to lead to more, but Jenelle worries about the timing. His girlfriend of two years cheated on him, and Jenelle doesn't want to be his rebound. Not to mention she has a plane to catch in just a few days. Is this night of passion a onetime occurrence between them, or could it be the start of something deeper An erotic romance short story just over 8,­000 words, or about 28 pages.

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From the Editors of True Story and True Confessions. Should old acquaintances be forgotten? Not in this story collection from the editors of True Story and True Confessions magazines! Like a tall glass of bubbly, these New Year’s Eve tales of relationships, romance and revelry will titillate readers and make them ponder their own resolutions for the year ahead.

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Veronica woke with her best friend in bed. A big dildo and a picture filled in some of the details of the crazy night. Derek, Casey's boyfriend encourages the girls, now sober, into some sexy action. (69, threesome oral sex, fingering, and more). Warning: Mature Content, Over 18+ only

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