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The Whisper Hollow – Book 3

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Two commitmentshy roommates are thrust into dangerous territory by a ridiculous bet. Pride wont let them lose, but winning will force them to come facetoface with a past they never really buried, insecurities about the future, and an attraction so intense it can no longer be ignored. Candace Hilt works with stray and injured animals, takes care of five of her own loveable mutts, deals with meddling sisters, and can hold her own at a poker table full of rowdy men. Her heart is as big as all of Whisper Hollow but not quite big enough to fit a serious relationship into the mix. That was reaffirmed when she came facetoface with the walking, talking reminder of that longago summer when one stupid guy ruined it for all the rest. When Tad Dundee met Candace hed been six feet of baseballcapped, country boy, downhome idiot and probably still is. He is the guy who broke Candaces heart all those years ago because his feelings for her scared him then, and even now, as a grown man, doesnt . . .

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