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Book 3 in the series HE'S THE MAN will be released on August 18th FREE PREVIEW contains 12 of the book bSpend a little time with the Alexanders... Find out what 75,­000 readers already know. b i"You're with the right person when no matter how bad things get, you'd still rather be with them than anywhere else...­"i RIDLEY WELLS HAS NO idea what to do with her life now that she's graduated from college. But when a friend is murdered and her apartment is trashed, she runs to the only person she trusts, her twin sister. iNo onei will think to look for her in the rinky dink Virginia town of New Haven. Of course, her luck lands her passed out in the grass in front of resident badboy, music producer Jackson Alexander. iStrike 1 i Then she realizes Raina's out of the country and she has nowhere else to go. iStrike 2 i So when the handsome producer with the platinum smile mistakes her for her sister, she gets an idea. iWhere better to hide than in plain sight i bREADERS ARE LOVING iOne More . . .

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