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A collection of six sexually explicit erotic stories with mixed themes including bondage, blindfold, illict sex, sex with a stranger, lesbian and rubenesque. Bathtime by Chris Skilbeck Alone and masked in her hot scented bath she summons her lover to enact a planned fantasy. He takes it further, binding her hands, gagging her mouth and pushes her into a liquid world of submission and pleasure. ISpy by JeanPhillpe Auborg He watched her every day. Her tantalising walk was the highlight of his boring working day. When she catches him, she makes sure that he realises that he cant just take advantage. Unfortunately, her little lesson in humiliation is the best lesson hes ever had. My Good Boy by Sommer Marsden She found him wandering the streets. She could smell him out with her powerful nose. She took him home and finding a new toy, she set to the task of teaching him to please her. Seducing Claire Penelope Friday She had taken Madelines breath away from the very first moment the . . .

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