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A collection of six erotic stories with varied themes including mnage, lesbian and bdsm. Careful What you Wish for by Beverly Langland Cathy meets a beautiful gypsy girl willing to grant her one wish. Inexplicably, she wishes for endless orgasms. After sealing the contract with an illicit kiss, Cathy soon finds her sex life changing. She joins two strangers, Jon and Sarah, in their bed and quickly realises that the couple are heavily into bondage. They lead Cathy deeper into the BDSM world until she becomes entrapped in a neverending cycle of sex and orgasm. Though reality is nothing like the dream. The Chinese have a curse May all your wishes come true. If only Cathy had been more careful... Restless in the Storm by Roxanne Rhoads Angie feels the heat in a very unique way and when it storms her ache for release is even worse. Now a thunderstorm is coming and Angies husband isnt home to help her through it. Shes going wild trying to wait for him " he almost doesnt make it in . . .

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