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Unable to pursue her dreams of dance due to an accident, Dina is content working for her father but not much dating boyfriend Mark. When rugged cowboy Chase Bowen comes into her life, Dina is reeling from the passion she realizes she's missed. Can this new love inspire her to try a new step

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Andi Winters has the perfect solution for workweary firefighters a free, therapeutic massage. However, when her boss vetoes the idea at the clinic where she is employed, Andi takes matters into her own hands, literally. Working from her apartment with one other coworker, Marissa, Andi meets one virile firefighter who introduces her to the wide world of swinging and threesomes. But when Andi falls in love with Travis Henders, she tires of the games and wants to become exclusive. When Andi meets his mother, Margie Henders, and learns of Travis' inability to remain monogamous, the two women plot against him for revenge. Would the result turn Travis away for good

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