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Can werewolf Pete Johnson persuade human Tony they are made for one another while trying to capture a crazy wolf that has been terrorising the town he calls home When wolf Pete Johnson hears there has been an explosion at the dancehall he manages, he rushes to the scene with his alpha Kelan. Kelans mate Jake had been on his way to Jessies dancehall with Tony"a friend visiting from New York. When they arrive at the scene, amid the chaos, Pete discovers that Tony is his mate. But Tony is human and doesnt know about the existence of wolves. As more fires ravage the small town of Wolf Creek"including Kelans home, The Crazy Horse ranch"Pete must help find the person responsible while trying to persuade Tony that destiny brought them together and they are made for one another. Can Pete convince his mate and capture the culprit before Tony becomes yet another casualty of the insane wolf, bent on revenge, who has the werewolf population of Wolf Creek running scared

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