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Ingrid has been wishing for a baby, but her husband has not been man enough to give her one. Luckily, two Vikings are more than willing to take her and make her their own.­The men of the village of Ostenay are away hunting and Vikings strike the little town known for its beautiful maidens. They find the hidden buxom lass and leave her no choice but to submit to them.

Leif, one of the strong, demanding Vikings steals her heart and shows her what true pleasure feels like. The virile man is just who Ingrid needed. Leif and Sven are determined to ruin Ingrid for her husband.

Will Ingrid stay with her husband, or are the Vikings too tempting to stay away from?­This 5,­900+ word short story focuses on a beautiful, buxom maiden being taken by two mighty Vikings. This story includes Viking alpha males, BBW menage and taboo impregnation.

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When the marauding ship of blonde Vikings sacks Elizas village, she knows her fate even as they drag her onto their ship. One by one the women of her village are tied to the masked and forced to satisfy the entire crew, but Elizas turn never comes. When she reaches the Viking village, shes taken to the chiefs longhouse, and learns that her fate may be much worse just a shipload of menif she cant satisfy the chief, shell be thrown to the mercy of the entire village This erotic short is for adults only. It contains hulking barbarians, a reluctant maiden, defloration, mystical, steamy sex.

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