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Get Part 1 for Free now... Claire McQuaid holds the future of the world in her hands. She runs a large pharmaceutical firm - and she wants to play God. She and powerful associates high up in the ranks of banking and oil have spent years assembling an ingenious plan designed to eradicate AIDS and malaria. The goal: drive up the economic productivity of poor nations that both seed terrorism and source oil. But all is not for the good. Millions of innocent people will be sacrificed to accomplish the plan. Dave Clement is Claire’­s patsy. She needs his expertise. When a romantic honey trap fails to lure Dave in, Claire forces him to make a choice no father ever wants to face: keep his mouth shut and help the plot advance unimpeded – or lose his 15 year old daughter to the very disease he has dedicated his life to eradicating. On a roller coaster ride that goes from the snowy peaks of the Rawah Wilderness in Colorado to . . .

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