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When her uncle left her in the dust of Loving, Texas, Honey Carrington survived by keeping house at the Moonlight Hotel, all the while dreaming of marrying a respectable rancher. But dangerous is the only word for tall, dark and handsomeTexas Ranger, Brett Masters. She's drawn by the velvet caress of his voice, but becomes suspicious of his admiring appraisal of her when he warns his friends she belongs to him. With a risky job like Brett's, and still on the hunt for rogue werewolves who killed his parents, he figures love can only leave a widow. Leader of the wolf pack, he never expected to find his mate, until he met Honey. Now he must prove in front of witnesses, according to the pack law love ritual, that she belongs to him. When her life is threatened, he must protect her at all cost from the last of the rogue werewolves. But can he

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