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brRun Devil Run, an L.­A. based Rock band well known locally for their dynamic live performances, diverse musical talent, and humorous video antics has lent their faces, titles and lyrics as inspiration for a fivebook series. The stories in this anthology are penned by popular and awardnominated authors Rachel Carrington, Mari Freeman, Susan DiPlacido, Valerie Mann and Becca Dale.­b CAN'T STOP ME by Becca Dale Cant Stop Me simmers with passion and danger as prophecy, misguided souls, and the devils top gun threaten to unbalance good and evil. Torn between personal peril and worldwide destruction, Luca and Kern must run from fate or take a stand for love and mankinds right to exist. SHARE YOUR SOUL by Rachel Carrington On the fifth anniversary of my murder, I set out to find what I wanted the most"revenge against my killer husband. Taking a risk, I met the Angel of Death"Gabriel. He told me to trust him. The last man I trusted put a bullet through my heart. Of course Gabriel was . . .

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