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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone... she is a tease, and he is a beggar for her attention... AN EROTIC PARANORMAL DRAMA She teases him to distraction, and he yearns for more... They meet in a bar one night. Alice is sexy and alluring, and Ralph is more than interested. There was a bet"he looses. But in losing, he gains one of the hottest sexual encounters he has ever had. But all that is what's happening on the surface. There are some things being kept in secret. Ralph has a gift"he knew things, he feels them... he feels her. There was an emptiness in her he could sense. There was a darkness that the tingling of his skin can understand. Something is wrong with her. And he knew the answer can be found in those sad eyes. If you wish to read more, download now

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