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Now everyone can SWING Put yourself into the SWING of things with the collective works of today's top erotica writers. SWING vicariously through the enthralling stories in this most exciting of anthologies. Find yourself there in the beds of the swingers, sandwiched between writhing bodies, enriched in all senses by the gifted writings of SWING's elite lineup of authors. SWING is a truly stunning collection of swinging stories, unlike any other anthology you will have read. Whether you swing, whether you're simply fascinated by swinging, or just looking for some damn fine erotica, you too can SWING "SWING SIZZLES Intelligent ... Evocative ... Provocative ... Enticingly Exciting and ... Very, Very ... Very HOT" Farlight Press, httpwww.­farlightpress.­com "Swing is a fun and frisky flip through the pages of planned nonmonogamy.­" Bill Brent, httpwww.­litboy.­com "Fun, revealing and incredibly erotic You'll definitely want to keep this one on your nightstand.­" Dan & Jennifer, . . .

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