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A storm is coming in, and it’s never easy to stay afloat in restless waters.
Pulled out of the depths, Blythe McGuire has learned to cope with her past while wading into her future. And her future includes the Shepherd siblings.
With Chris, she shares a love that defies time and reason.
With Sabin, she shares a friendship that is unquestionable and inexplicable.
A friendship that is intensifying and becoming more complicated than either expected. A friendship that is tested because Sabin’s brutal past is still haunting him.
Trauma is the gift that keeps on giving without pause, without mercy.
Blythe has been through her own hell, and she knows how Sabin feels. Like he was left drowning, and he’s struggling to breathe.
Their connection and their love might help save him. However, the fight to get him to reach for her hand, to breathe, and to survive threatens to pull both him and Blythe into dark currents that could wreck them beyond salvation.

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For most people, Hawaii is heaven on Earth. But U.­S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent Rachel Porter sees the rot beneath its natural splendor. Its pristine shores are harboring a new breed of criminal, those who would upset the fragile ecological balance in the name of profit ... those who would kill in the cause of greed. On the trail of illegal traffickers in exotic animals, Rachel stumbles upon something far more insidious and frightening -- and a suspiciously shark-­devoured human corpse that washes up on the rocks is only the beginning. Suddenly everyone wants her off a case that is too hot to handle. But she won't be warned, coaxed, or threatened away, even as the blood that darkens the tropical waters marks Rachel Porter as the most endangered creature in Paradise.

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