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This collection breaks the mold of the stale, stockstandard zombie story. In Lynn Townsend's "W.­O.­L.­", Knight Korin meets Doctor Avesy and is forced to consider the sacrifices that every Knight must make and wonder if the cure is worse than the disease. In "The Domesticated Zombie" by Rob Rosen, zombie Jake starts to show signs that he's not entirely dead, and Max, his owner, gets more than he bargained for. "Fox Spirit" by Alyx Shaw gives us Karl, who's never really understood his lover Kenny's fascination with foxes. When their oldest fox dies late one rainy night, Kenny asks Karl to bury him, but Karl unfortunately decides to wait until morning... Damian Serbu's "Delicious Caleb" presents us with a professor at a conservative college who has always had to hide his lust for men until his zombie state forces him to accept assistance from his onetime student, Caleb. "Violet" by K.­C. Morgan introduces us to Josh, whose world crumbled when he came out to his parents with disastrous . . .

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