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The ultimate collection of twenty submissive stories that are certain to excite and delight! Bought to you by Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 and 2012, this collection offer a wide range of erotic stories with a central theme of submission and domination. Enjoy stories by some of our bestselling authors including Emily Dubberley, Shanna Germain, Penelope Friday and Virginia Beech. All Right On The Night by Jo NationEvery Wednesday Fenella travels on the Number 42 bus to clean George Hawker's apartment, which is contained within a brand new, sparkling edifice called The Foundry. George is always out at work when Fenella calls, so she has plenty of opportunity to explore the apartment on her own. She isn't really a nosy person, but she can't help wondering what sort of a man George is. There are few clues to indicate any kind of a personal life, no family photographs, no evidence of a social life of any kind either.­George's bathroom is a . . .

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes including femdom, bdsm, submission, lesbian and historical. Company Policy by Emily Dubberley What is your company's policy on sex in the workplace Ella is forced to revise her attitude when she encounters 22 yearold Alex, whose buffed body has been driving the other women in the office wild. She detects an arrogance in his attitude, a sense that he is all too convinced of his attractiveness. This might be justified, but in Ella's eyes his macho swagger needs a little modification. When her scornful putdowns fail to have the desired effect she decides to administer some sound punishment. What could be a better time for a private employee training session than Friday evening after the rest of the members of staff have left for the weekend Alex's bunch of flowers won't help him now. Ella has plans for him and is determined that this will be the end of his brief reign as the office's favourite young pup. His only job . . .

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