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In this empowering, romantic anthology of Lasting Love, there are carefully crafted stories by seasoned writers that offer an unforgettable experience. From the tale about a sexy young wife who conceives a lustful feast on Super Bowl Sunday for her handsome husband and his hunky, horny buddies, to the story of a tenth anniversary celebration that is as sexy as it is tender. But more than that, there are a few surprises, too. A sexually charged, thirtythree year old woman finally decides to act upon the silent love she's been harbouring for many years for a hot young stud, a soap opera star finds lasting love in the most unconventional, unexpected way imaginable in a Brooklyn Brownstone, and a hot looking gay couple celebrate their twenty year anniversary by travelling back to the sex club where they first met twenty years earlier. This is an anthology of traditional romantic tales, separated by quirky, often outrageous stories of lovers that have lasted and endured the test of . . .

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