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Alfesco Loving is a collection of 5 erotic stories, including Welcome Spring by Roxanne Rhoads Tom is scouting a forest area for his landdeveloper boss when he encounters a beautiful woman naked in the forest performing some kind of ritual. He is intrigued and highly aroused so he hides in the shadows watching her with complete fascination. Ardwinna, the Earth witch and protector of the land, knows Tom is watching and takes extra delight in his arousal as she performs her spring fertility ritual that includes bringing herself to climax, while he watches. When she invites him to join her, he gladly accepts her offer... Surfs up for Suzie by J. Troy Seate When Suzies best friend invites her to the coast she is ready for fun and frolics, but is amazed at the brave new world awaiting. The beach is a place where guys and girls abandon their inhibitions along with their clothes. Plenty of guys want to teach her beach games and over the course of a week Suzie develops a taste for sun, . . .

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