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The power and appeal of women is great, and there's nothing better than watching a woman do what she loves best. But what happens when what she loves best is another woman Cavatina, Cabaletta by Rachel White is a grand tale of the opera, and two women who loathe, despise, and detest each other"until the arrival of a greater enemy forces them to set aside their antagonism. The Huntress by T.­T. Kove is the story of a princess who refuses to bow to the dictates of her family, and in setting out to forge her own path stumbles across a woman like no one she's ever seen. Slaying Dragons by Sasha L. Miller tells of a highlyskilled Combatant constantly saddled with subpar mages, until she meets a mage who seems far too good to be true. The Thicket by Liz Lambdin is the tale of an unusual princess who climbs a tower and meets a gloomy witch. Weather the Storm by Julia March is the story of a young woman who runs away from home to marry her true and go on a grand adventure The Mermaid by . . .

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