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Archangels. Guardians Angels. Cherubim. Angels of death, wrath, vengeance, love, peace, and hope. Fallen Angels. Nephilim. The lore of angels is wide and varied, from battles lost and won, to duties fulfilled and failed, from men raised up to their ranks, and angels banished forever from the heavens. They can be fierce warriors and gentle guides, heralds of joy and tragedy. They are beings of fearsome power, and the highest of servants. But what else can angels be What happens when they soar too high or dive too low Are they flawless in their servitude, or cursed and blessed with free will Come read these tales of angels in some of their many incarnations... This anthology includes the following short stories Sunburnt Country by L.­J. LaBarthe A Better Ending by Isabella Carter One for Sorrow by Sylvia A. Winters The Lost Angel by Elizah J. Davis Watch as My World Ends by Kayla BainVrba On Wings Not My Own by Evie Kiels Made for You by Megan Derr Angel Eyes by Debora Day Angel . . .

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