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Three years ago, a race of aliens called Narsoreal made contact and gained asylum on Earth. In exchange for technology and medical advancements, the United States government allows the Narsoreal to collect and bond with the countrys unwanted citizens. In one city, a Narsoreal bondmatcher has set his sights on a small band of male and female prostitutes in desperate need of salvation. Each of the five has unique needs, but it just might be that there is a Narsoreal ready and willing to meet every one of them. Every day is a struggle for survival, and Shannon often feels like everything is out of his control. He longs for someone to come into his life and offer him some peace, be the one he can lean on, and maybe someday forgive him his past and love him anyway. AUTHORS NOTE This is the first story in a 5part series available individually and as a whole sold under the title The Unwanted which will be available by the end of 2013. Reading each story in order is recommended.

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