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Today's technology has provided many of us with the opportunity to earn extra income at home. Students, stay-­at-­home Moms, the disabled and retirees are examples of people that want to earn extra income, but their health, class schedule, or other responsibilities make it impossible for them to commit to a job with a schedule set by an employer. Working at home eliminates many expenses such as commuting, parking, childcare, and work clothes. Over 50 website addresses and description of the opportunity are included. You will find opportunities for teleservices (answering incoming phone calls), transcription, translation, writing, proofreading, graphic design, illustration, website building, web design and many more.­The author was a financial advisor for eight years, and includes budgeting tips in her book. She has worked at home since 2005, both part time and full time, and includes advice on how to succeed based on personal experience.

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