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Series : Book 1 of "Sterling Files"
Sterling Files - Steele By Sherri L KingBook one in the Sterling Files series.­After a year-­long coma, Marla has returned home from the hospital. But something about her has changed. Something unbelievable.­Brian Steele, a vigilante and ex-­underground boxer, has come into Marla's life to protect her and help her understand her strange new abilities. But before long, he also has plans to seduce her down to her very soul.­How will Marla, still weak and confused, cope with such a virile man as Steele? She doesn't know, but she's ready to learn. As soon as possible.

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Book 1 in the series The Horde WarsIn a small Southern town where everyone knows everybody else's business, Cady Swann has managed to keep a few secrets to herself...­among them, the fact that every night for the past fifteen years she's been protecting the townprobably the worldfrom a monstrous invasion of nether-­worldly beasts. Unfortunately for Cady, someone has discovered her secret. Someoneor somethingnot quite human. Obsidian is a warrior, proud and fierce. He wants Cady to join his army in the war against their common foe. He also wants her to join him in his bed, to tempt and delight her into tying her life to his and leaving her world behind...­forever.

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