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In the course of a few hours Nicole has gone from a boring straight A college junior to a biker babe on the run from unknown assailants. With rough but sexy biker gang VP Jase, Nicole is finally beginning to live life as it was supposed to be lived: On the road with a big, noisy, motorcycle and a big tatted bad boy. Loud Engines. Rock. Long haired tatted bikers. Guns and Drugs. Intrigue and murders. The world of the Sons of Mayhem and Nicole is getting a whole lot more complicated. This is the second of four parts in the hot new adult contemporary biker romance serial: The Sons of Mayhem. If you haven’t yet read it, you should check out 1: Oil and Leather first. This 15,­000 word novelette is much longer than part 1. Part 3 is available now! Warning: This new adult series contains adult themes. It is about an outlaw biker gang and so it involves sex, drugs, rock and roll and violence.

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The second part of the popular New Adult Biker Romance Sons of Mayhem series.

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