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Four great romantic reads of the Old West!­Kayla and the Rancher by Paige TylerCord Holderness needs a wife, but with few prospects in the Wyoming Territory, the only way to find a well-­bred young lady is to get a mail-­order bride. However, the girl that's supposed to be his bride gets cold feet and leaves it up to her new friend, Kayla Mathison, to tell him that she's changed her mind.­When the handsome rancher assumes that the fiercely independent and stubborn Kayla is his mail-­order bride, she finds herself going along with it. Running from an arranged marriage herself, she decides to lead Cord on so she can steal the money she needs from him. As the days turn into weeks, she finds that the money doesn't interest her anymore, especially when Cord puts her over his knee and spanks her whenever she becomes a little too willful for his liking. Much to her surprise, she discovers that she's fallen in love with him.­Life on the ranch gets even more complicated when a ruthless land...

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Four great romantic reads of the Old West! Kayla and the Rancher by Paige Tyler,­Mail Order Mama by Courage Knight, The Marshal's Rebellious Bride by Starla Kaye, and Depths of Desire by Carolyn Faulkner.

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This collection contains three complete novellas from three of Blushing Books top authors. These are not some short samples this is sixteen chapters, over 60,­000 words for 1.­00. Why are we doing this Because we want you to try our books and our authors at almost no risk to you Blushing Books publishes romances with a twist. If you love oldfashioned romances where the feisty heroine ends up not only in the heros bed for hot loving, but occasionally barebottomed over his knee for some even hotter and usually welldeserved spanking, our novels and novellas are for you Do you want to know if he can REALLY tame that brat Youre in the right place. "The Good Man" by Carolyn Faulkner Life in The County hadnt changed much in decades, and Emily Robertson wanted much more out of her own life " despite the fact that that meant leaving Daniel, the man her heart so desperately wanted. But when she ended up back in the same small town theyd grown up in, Daniel takes complete advantage of an . . .

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