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Hurry Hurry Hurry Step right up and read stories both salacious and miraculous Only a few dollars for the Grand Tour of Tented Thats a couple of fins to meet the Great Masturbator A few Lincolns to explore a postapocalyptic future where every clown has his very own catamite Yes, my friends, these stories are guaranteed to amaze, beguile, and captivate. Thats the ABCs, my boy. Stay close, you might learn something. We have acrobats ready to assume positions, knifethrowers blade inhand, and a Hall of Mirrors to reflect your deepest desires Featuring performances by these talented artistes Gavin Atlas Steve Berman Nathan Burgoine Tom Cardamone Dale Chase Hank Edwards Garland William Holden R. Jackson Daniel M. Jaffe Matt Kailey Sean Meriwether Jay Neal Ralph Seligman Dusty Taylor Cage Thunder

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