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As a wetnurse to a small village, Caitlin is used to early morning walks through the mist as she makes her rounds. But when the big breasted beauty spots Viking raiders rising from the mists, she tries to warn the village and takes an arrow for her troubles. Now shes stuck hiding in a barn, with Vikings hot on her heels and nowhere to hide. Unable to run and with Vikings at the door, the scared girl hides among the cows in an attempt to go unnoticed. And when the men find her, naked and pouring milk from her large breasts, she has no choice but to submit to being Suckled by the Viking... This 8,­300 word short story contains a young woman being collared, milked, and humiliated by a Viking giant with a MASSIVE member. Intense scenes of historical violence and slavery, tempered by rough sex and rougher milkings, may upset some audiences.

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