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When Emilie is dumped by her boyfriend, best friend Jack Voss offers a shoulder and a place to live--­the other side of his duplex. He's always there, fixing her problems, her car, her sink. Emilie doesn't know what she'd do without him, or with the feelings she's having for him. His shoulder doesn't just offer comfort anymore; his touch is a turn-­on. Their shared wall is the only thing keeping them from sharing a bedroom--­and fanning the flames might risk breaking something that Jack can't fix.

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Despite a tumultuous past, Sugar Alise Clark is determined to be successful. When she meets Dyna, owner and proprietor of Dymes Exotic Escort Service, she takes off down the path of easy money and fast living. Their friendship quickly sours when Sugar decides to branch out on her own. Sugar opens a gentleman's club called Sugar Walls and becomes involved with a new love—­who happens to be the father of her sister's child. Sugar thinks she's leaving her past behind to forge a better future. It's not long before Sugar discovers that her dreams of happily ever after might not be possible. She wakes up stranded and near death, unsure of who placed her there. The two people that Sugar cared about the most are on a path toward revenge, determined to silence Sugar forever. When tragedy strikes and life-­changing events are set into motion, Sugar soon realizes that fast money gets you nowhere fast.

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