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Turn down the lights and indulge in ten steamy scenes from ten bestselling, award-­winning authors.
Readers love to bookmark "the good parts" of their favorite romance novels, the scenes they want to read again...­and again. Ten Shades of Sexy is a special collection that brings you nothing but the good parts! Enjoy ten complete love scenes selected from ten steamy novels written in ten different shades of sexy: from heartbreakingly tender to scorchingly erotic. Whether you love contemporary, historical, or paranormal romance, you'll find something to tempt and please you in this FREE sampler collection--­and you might just discover some new favorite authors.
Ten Shades of Sexy. It has all the good parts!
Total length: 40,­000 words, about 125 pages (size matters!­)
Adult content warning: explicit love scenes (ten of them!­)
Some scenes include graphic language and highly erotic subject matter
Meet the authors:
SHELLY THACKER has earned a place on national bestseller lists and lavish . . .

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