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Blush This is a suggestive romance love scenes are not graphic. Jenny Chandler enjoys a life with no more pressing problem than what to wear to the next cotillion, and she's content to remain "Daddy's little girl". But yearnings arise when she meets Texas Ranger John Grayling, suggesting that growing up might not be so bad. Gray's latest love has just announced she's marrying someone else. Hurt by love, Gray swears off women and vows to devote himself to his job. But when Jenny is kidnapped by bandits and Gray is captured trying to rescue her, the young woman's spirit and sensuality test his vow. The bandit leader recognizes Gray as valuable barter to convince a renegade Comanche chief " whose son Gray killed " to help hijack an Army gold ship. Knowing that death awaits him, Gray is torn between escaping with Jenny and staying to learn more of the bandit's plan. Gray falls for Jenny, but can he trust her when every other woman in his life has failed him Jenny loves Gray, but can . . .

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