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The only thing more difficult than living in a pack is living alone... As a young omega wolf, Blue trades his personal freedom for the critical security a pack offers. At the bottom of the pecking order, he's fiercely loyal to his alpha, Rafe, but wary of the beta wolves, accustomed to their thoughtless cruelty and dominance games. Indifferent to his own needs, Blue never considers fighting for a better position. Until he meets Gabriel. As Rafe's newest pet, Gabriel is offlimits. From the moment Blue meets him, he aches to be with the other man, but his loyalty restrains him. Pack politics might bar the two of them from touching, but nothing can stop the swift connection that soon develops into a much deeper bond. Blue will never have a chance with Gabriel unless he improves his standing in the pack. And a fight to the death is the only way he can prove himself worthy of his mate...

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