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Kate Wilson is struggling to keep up with her workload as a paralegal. The highlight of her day is fantasizing about the handsome man she sees every morning on her way to the office. He’s mysterious, brooding and way out of her league.

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The highlight of Kates day is passing the mysterious stranger as she treks to her office. He fuels the fantasies that make her job worthwhile, and she doesnt even know hes the powerful, billionaire CEO of the company. When he confronts her in the stairwell one day, she discovers that their attraction is mutual, and hes not afraid to do something about it. When he offers her a position as his personal assistant, it seems too good to be true. She soon learns that the job includes satisfying his every desire, and she has a terrible decision to make. This 8500 word erotic romance is for adults only. Its taut, fast paced and dripping with steamy sex If a hot night with the worlds sexiest man isnt your idea of a good time, The Billionaires Allure may be too much to handle.

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