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Some guys will go all the way to get to the top. In some cultures its still seen as unmanly to take a cock up your ass, although its hard to associate the image of someone supposedly less than a man with some of the muscle studs who grunt like a pig to get dicked. Lets face it, oft times its the bottom whos the power behind the fuck, using his sphincter in such a way that a whole universe of pleasure resides in one tight black hole. In these eleven stories youll meet power bottoms from Victorian England and the Renaissance, vampires, marines, men at the top of the world, an elf who discovers humans make the best tops, a group who take out their frustration on a mates boyfriends ass, a straight boy wholl do anything to get ahead, a net date whos horny for Satans dick, and a student aching for hard Arab cock. The Boy Is A Bottom includes, Marine Biology, Marine Animals, Attack of the Ass Bandits, The Arab Downstairs, The Extraordinary Victorian Clockwork Derriere, Creaming the . . .

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