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Colin Pearce is recovering from the ordeal of seeing the woman he loved die in his arms and the death of his best friend. But then the phone rings and everything changes. A friend needs a pilot to fly to Mexico. Pearce knows he shouldn’t get involved, but soon, he and his CIA partners are in a race against time trying to stop a terrorist strike with the President and Vice President as targets.

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Four weeks since Colin Pearce fought the battle of his life, his body is recovering from the physical trauma of multiple gunshot wounds. His mind is recovering from the emotional ordeal of watching the woman he cared for die in his arms and from burying his best friend. His CIA-­assigned doctor has ordered him to stay off his feet and for once, Pearce intends to do what he has been told.

But then the damn phone rings. And like the last time, everything changes.

The caller is Sarah Morton, the chief pilot of a flight department and the only other woman Pearce has had any sort of connection with in his life of self-­inflicted solitude. She says she needs a contract pilot for the company’s G-­IV. But Pearce can hear the panic and desperation in her voice. He knows there’s more to the story and he knows he shouldn’t get involved.

He’s on a plane to California in hours and is introduced to Sarah’s new boss, a tall, dark complexioned, man by the name of Adam Archmere. But Pearce knows . . .

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