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Fashionista Francesca St. James has agreed to work as a "fairy godmother" on the reality TV show, taking contestants from geeky to dreamy. When Francesca’s archrival bets she can't transform the awkwardly sweet CEO to hot in under eight weeks, Francesca accepts the challenge. As CEO of a tech company, Greg may have billions, but what’s it worth without a woman to share it with? From day one on the show though, he clashes with his gorgeous fairy godmother—yet off-­set, he can’t stop thinking about her. But this sexy woman is so far out of his league…and wants to change every single thing about him. It's up to him to show her it's more than clothes that make the man.­May the best man win…

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Many women’s dream is to have a fairy godmother turn them into a beautiful princess like Cinderella, with just a wave of a magic wand. In reality, drastically changing your appearance is never that easy, and often comes at a very high price. In these stories, you'll meet ladies quickly learning the high cost of a great makeover, and you'll find out just how much they're willing to pay for fairytale beauty.      Stories include: • The Summer Of Cinderella • Fat Chance For Romance • Dumped For A Younger Woman • The Fat Lady Sings! • Single, White Female Seeks Klingon • Makeover Disaster • If Cinderella Hesitates And more….   Excerpt: On my thirtieth birthday I tried to commit suicide. Maybe you think that nothing is bad enough to drive you to suicide, but I assure you that life can be that hopeless. I’d returned from a birthday party at my mother’s house and, of course, only Mom’s friends came because I don’t have any friends. I sat around that year, the same as every year since I . . .

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